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Waseda Farms® Organics

2 Locations to choose from:                          

Waseda Farms Market                  Waseda Farm and Market Store

330 Reid Street                             7281 Logerquist Rd

De Pere, WI 54115                        Baileys Harbor, WI 54202

920-632-7271                               920-839-2222

Daily From 9-7, Everyday               Spring Hours are here, Thurs - Mon, 10-4

Deli open 10-6, Everyday               Starting April 7th, open Everyday, 10-4



This year's You Buy, We Give in December we sold $10,000 in ground beef!

We then turned around and donated it all to the 4 local charites that focus on feeding the less fortunate, $2,500 for each.

Paul's Pantry, Green Bay

NEW Community Shelter, Green Bay

Boys and Girls Club of Door County, Sturgeon Bay

Feed and Clothe My People, Sturgeon Bay

We are aiming higher next year!  Thanks to everyone who helped!







We are excited to be moving on to our next stage, the opening of our second store.  The store is located in downtown west De Pere, next to Gallagher's Pizza, in the old Hansen's space.  

The Waseda Farms Market brings to the Green Bay area something it has needed for a long time, a full service local, organic, and natural grocery store.  We have a meat counter with a real butcher, offering all of Waseda Farms Certified Organic Beef, Pork and Poultry products, as well meat from other local farms.  We feature almost exclusively, Wisconsin dairy products, including milk, specialty cheeses, yougurt and more.  We will be as local as possible, whenever possible.  We are working with local gardens to provide us with the majority of our produce.   We also have a deli that makes soups, salads and sandwiches every day from scratch using all the great products in our store.  

We want to stress seasonality of products.  Our shelves will be filled with local, organic and natural products.  We will be small and unique, allowing us to offer exceptional customer service while improving northeast Wisconsin residents’ long-term health. 



About our Farm:


We're a Certified Organic farm located in Door County, WI. We raise Organic Beef, Pork, and Poultry. We also have almost 2 acres of produce in the summer. Our cattle graze on more than three hundred acres of beautiful farm land in the town of Baileys Harbor, WI.

Waseda Farms, formerly known as the Collins farm, O'Brien farm, and the St. Joseph's farm, was owned by the Priests of the Sacred Heart for forty-seven years. It was part of the Saint Joseph's Retreat, located on Kangaroo Lake.

The priests named the farm, Waseda Farm, for the serenity of the tall pines on the property. The Brothers used the farm as a work area. The retreat used the three hundred and sixty acres and miles of trails for meditation and reflection.

Today, we've built a state-of-the-art cattle handling system designed and developed by Temple Grandin and Mark Deesing. This system is the most humane cattle management system ever developed. Waseda Farms® Organics also practices environmental sustainability, supports other local farms, and encourages all its friends and neighbors to eat healthier foods.

And check back soon for more detailed information about Waseda Farms, our Farm Market Store, and the healthy pastured cattle, pigs and poultry we raise here.

Waseda Farm & Country Store

7281 Logerquist Road

Baileys Harbor, WI 54202


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The Waseda Farms Market

330 Reid Street

De Pere, WI 54115


(next Gallagher's Pizza)

You can also find our products at:


Down to Earth, Howard, WI

Greens and Grains, Egg Harbor, WI


Plae Bistro, Green Bay, WI

The Traveling Chef and 335, Green Bay, WI

Wild Tomato, Fish Creek, WI

Wickman House, Ellison Bay, WI

Parador, Egg Harbor, WI

Harbor View Grille, Egg Harbor, WI

The Inn At Cedar Crossing, Sturgeon Bay, WI

Bluefront Cafe, Sturgeon Bay

The Chef Hat Cafe, Ephraim, WI


Waseda Farms beef is proudly being served in

the Gibralter School District.




Waseda Farms Market

330 Reid St.

De Pere, WI 54115


Open Daily from 9-7

Deli Daily from 10-6


Waseda Farm &

Country Store

7281 Logerquist Road

Baileys Harbor, WI 54202


Spring Hours

Open Thursday - Monday

10am - 4pm

Starting April 7th

Open Everyday, 10-4



Waseda Store