Understanding Beef Cuts

Understanding the different cuts of Waseda Farms® beef

From the steaks to the roasts to the ground beef, it is all up to you. What do you like to make? Are you beef-cuts-graphic-234x300adventurous or conservative? How many people are you cooking for? How do you like your steaks cooked? All of these questions will help guide you through the ordering process. Download our cuts guide.


Everyone likes his or her steaks a little different. First you have to decide what steaks you want. You cannot get every steak listed on the order sheet. It is impossible to have porterhouses and New York strips and Filets off one side of beef. The Porterhouse has two sides of meat, one side is the Strip and the other side is the Filet. Next you have to decide bone-in or bone-out for the Ribeye. Or you can have a whole rib roast, which is the prime rib that you have seen carved on a buffet before. These are the most tender steaks on the steer. There are plenty more steaks available, and this is a chance for you to venture away from the norm, and try something new. You might be surprised.

The other thing you have to decide is how thick you want your steaks. The first thing to remember is the thicker you order your steaks, the less of them you get. That being said, you should order your steaks based on how you like them prepared. If you like your steak medium to well done, order them 3/4" or 1", this way they cook faster and you get more of them. If you prefer them to be rare to medium, start at 1" and up to 1 1/2". Remember, these are just suggestions to help guide you, but they are your steaks. Most people have never had to think about these questions, they just grab the package and go.


Roasts are the most intimidating part of a side of beef, primarily, because people don't cook roasts any more. But of the three general categories, it is easily the most diverse, as long as you don't look at it as just a large piece of meat. It is easier to cut up a large piece of meat, than it is to put many little pieces back together. A roast can be cut into almost anything a recipe calls for: kabobs, fajitas, stew, you name it. If you run out of ground beef, just grind it up. Any roast can be slow cooked in a crock-pot. Having roasts gives you options.


Your Waseda Farms® Ground Beef will average 85% beef and 15% fat. All of our ground beef is triple ground. This is to ensure that it is evenly mixed and is a consistent texture. It is available in either 1#, 2#, or 5# bulk packages. Or you can have it made into patties. This is all personal preference and is totally up to you.

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